“I have known Walter Crockett for 4 years now. He has personally trained myself, my sister and my mom. His professionalism and ability to help me succeed in my fitness goals is top notch. He is always encouraging and focusing on techniques to make sure we get the best quality workout. Because I was so pleased with his training, he now trains my varsity volleyball team. The amount of growth my student athletes have shown while working with Walter is unbelievable. It is so important to show young female athletes the impotence of exercise. Walter is so patient and detail orientated with making sure the girls understand and demonstrate the exercise perfectly. My team looks forward every year to have the chance to work with Walter. I cannot thank Walter enough for what he has done for my family and my team. Again, he is one of the best in the business.”

—  Coach Christy Drayton Thelen
     Dewitt Volleyball 2x Defending District Champs.

“My husband suffered respiratory failure at age 30 from smoke inhalation while working as a firefighter. His lungs, body, and overall fitness took a huge hit. In order to safely rehab him back into shape, he started training with Walter. Within a matter of just a few months, his strength and exercise tolerance had become nearly as good as it had prior to his illness. Bored with my usual workout routine, and impressed with Walt’s consistently positive and motivated attitude throughout my husband’s training sessions (not to mention awesome results!) I began working out with him as well. Prior to starting with him, I was trying to cram 5 days of running into my already packed schedule as a physician and mother of two young boys. As with my husband, within weeks I could already see – and feel – a difference. Working out only ONCE a week with Walt, and occasionally a second day on my own, I dropped 15 lbs., gained strength, and even improved my running pace. Throughout the process, Walt had been unfailingly positive and full of endless motivation. His experience and versatility of training technique speak for itself. We even had our 6-year-old taking boxing lessons from him. My family and I have recently relocated to Colorado, and one of the most noticeable absences is our weekly infusion of health and wellness from Walter. He is most decidedly missed, and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have had the time with him that we did.”

—  Martha Taylor, MD, Medical Director, Urgent Care

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for all the assistance that you have provided me over the past few years. You have been instrumental in my recovery from shoulder surgery in December. I had really been struggling in both the restoration of the range of motion and the return of the shoulder’s strength. Through your assistance, my range of motion has returned and the strength in my shoulder is showing tremendous improvement since we started one-on-one training sessions several months ago. Your ability to inspire, and talent in developing custom workouts for me, has been absolutely critical to my recovery.

Also I have been taking your Pound 4 Pound class for more sessions than I can recall. This class is such a unique workout that evolves as the sessions pass, that I enjoy taking this class repeated. Returning to the pound for pound class was a milestone in my recovery from the severe rotator cuff tear repair. Also I feel that this class has not only given me a new avenue for working out but also has been a source of increasing confidence for me. 

My son Jack now takes Youth Fight Fit for kids — a class design to fight childhood obesity through exercise. 

— Jason Early