Group Fitness

The Mind & Body  Symmetry Team offers multiple innovative, fun and total-body fitness group classes throughout the week. Classes feature elements of boxing/kickboxing, core, cardio, strength training, and circuit training burning anywhere from 500-700 calories per class on average. 


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all skill levels

$120 per 6 sessions

Open to ALL skill levels! Woman specific strength training, body fat testing, baseline meal plan; and on going support. A supportive , encouraging and empowering experience. 

$90 per 6 sessions
A blend of fat burning & strength circuits, core and boxing combinations.


$90 per 6 sessions
An innovative total body boxing and kickboxing workout, featuring strength training.


Guys! Recapture Vitality! Drop Body Fat! Gain Strength!

Bring Back that WARRIOR inside of you!

Fight For Your Life!

$90 per 6 sessions