Youth Fight Fit Update!

The kids are excelling, as usual, during this cycle's 6-week class session!

We have just completed week 2 of this cycle's Youth Fight Fit program, which runs Wednesday early evening and/or Saturday early afternoons. The kids are growing stronger and more confident with each passing class. This week, Walter introduced the kids the new XPO trainer, a motor resistance performance sled. Mind Body Symmetry is known for using innovative ideas and equipment to train in new ways, keeping things fresh and interesting, and creating excitement about working out.

After warming up, and introducing some new boxing moves, Walter moved the kids outdoors to do agility training. It was then that he brought out the new XPO training sled for them to use. Following that, they did relay races, which created competition and excitement. It is a fun thing to watch the sense of accomplishment bloom on their young faces. After enjoying the fresh air, they moved back inside to work with the new flexible and reactive boxing post. They practiced weaving and bobbing while punching. Boxing really captivates their attention! Walter then led them through a full body training circuit. The children move trough this circuit completing many different stations , in one-minute cycles. Finally, the class was brought to an end as a team, with all hands in the circle. This is done in celebration of all they just accomplished, yelling positive words like , "confidence!" This class is all about promoting individuality AND teamwork.

Parents who have had their kids complete this class talk about how much it helped their child to grow in strength and confidence. The kids learn quickly, eager to do better each week. To keep it moving forward, Walter and Ryan change things up to increase interest and experience.

These classes are offered several times each year. We have three weeks left in this cycle. Drop in is available. Walter is also available to set up programs on location for groups of youth.

Youth Fight Fit meets this cycle Wednesdays (June 28, July 5 & 12) 5:00-6:00p and Saturdays (July 1, 8, 15 & 22) 1:00-2:00p